Montana Hunting Decoy

What to Consider When Choosing a Montana Decoy? – Best Hunting Decoys

If you’re a hunter, you already know about the various decoys made by the company called Montana. Today’s decoys are more realistic than ever before and come in so many different designs and sizes that it’s impossible not to find one that works great for you. Regardless of the company you choose to use, selecting a good hunting decoy is a lot easier if you keep important tips in mind. You’ll need decoys for hunting deer, elk, ducks, turkey, and so many others, but before you start shopping for them, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Let’s face it, hunters don’t normally hunt in the same location every single time. Most of them like to move around and hunt in many different locations. For this reason, your Montana decoy needs to be portable and easy to transport from one location to another. This means your decoy has to be lightweight and never bulky or heavy. It must be easy to remove it so you can carry it to your next hunting spot.

A Realistic Look

Remember that your decoy’s main responsibility is to attract another animal, regardless of the animal you’re currently hunting. From head to toe, your decoy must have a realistic look, or the other animals will not be lured to it. Fortunately, this realism is easy to get because today’s decoys are more realistic than ever. Regardless of what you’re hunting, you deserve nothing less than complete realism.

The Design

You likely have a preference when it comes to the design of your hunting decoys, and the design you choose is important. Look at the color theme of the decoy, the materials used to make the decoy, and even the proportions of the decoy to make sure it looks right. If there is anything about the decoy that you don’t like, move onto the next one.

The Overall Quality

Decoys are generally not that expensive, so you might as well pay a little extra to get one that’s high in quality. Remember that your decoy will be outside most of the time, and it needs to be well-made so that it can withstand the elements. Look for good quality fur and stakes that are made of metal, not plastic. Spending just a little bit more on your decoy increases the odds that it will be around for a very long time.

The Kit

Most of today’s decoys come with accessories and not just the decoy itself. Look for ones with a remote control so you can maneuver the decoy from far away, as well as a decoy that has different types of movements to add to the realistic look. Both the height of the stake and the speed of the decoy’s movements should be adjustable. The more options available with your kit, the better off you’ll be when you finally get to use the decoy.

The Features

Different decoys have different features, and you’ll want to first decide which features are most important to you. You can be ready to click the Buy Now button and not realize that the decoy doesn’t have all of the features you want. Write down the features that you consider important before you start shopping for your decoy. That way, you won’t forget any of them when you’re ready to buy.

Customer Ratings

These days, it’s easy to find reviews from real-life customers, especially if you look online. Research the decoy on several sites, not just the company site, so you can get accurate reviews from real purchasers of the product. Keep in mind that all products are going to have a few negative reviews, but if the majority of the reviews are positive, you can consider that particular decoy a good one to buy.

The Cost

Hunting decoys come in all price ranges, but the first thing you’ll want to remember is that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get a high-quality decoy. Conversely, you don’t have to assume that a lower-priced decoy is substandard quality. Use your common sense and compare all of the decoys’ different features so that in the end, you feel comfortable with the choice you made.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the things to look for when shopping for your next decoy, let’s take a look at some of the best decoys currently on the market. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to stick with decoys made by Montana. Below are some of these well-made hunting decoys.

Trixie is a 2D whitetail deer that comes with two leg poles. In studies that took place across the country, this particular decoy has proven to be one of the most effective whitetail deer on the market. Why? For one thing, the decoy has printing that is very detailed and therefore realistic. In addition, the calming pose works on both does and bucks, so this is indeed a very versatile hunting decoy. To fold the deer back up when it isn’t being used, simply twist it into a figure-8 pattern and the decoy will eventually be the size of a medium frisbee.

Trixie is also very lightweight, easy to transport from one location to another, and folds up neatly in case you want to put it in your backpack and not its original container. It comes with Montana Decoy’s teaser tail that gives it both motion and some extra realism. You can even use magnets to apply scents to its tail, and change the scents once the season changes.

Made from an HD photo of a real mule deer, this decoy weighs a mere 2 pounds, so it’s lightweight enough to take with you to all of your hunting expeditions. If you want to stalk bucks or lure them into bow range, this decoy is the perfect item to take with you. It has a head that is slightly turned as if looking in another direction, and its realism is second to none. To use it, you simply maneuver it until it pops out into the perfect shape, and when you’re done, it folds back up into the size of a dinner plate.

With a reasonable price and a user-friendly design, this 2D decoy will greatly enhance your next hunting experience, increasing the odds that you won’t come back home empty-handed. Whether you’re hunting in the foothills, mountains, or even the desert, you can easily take this decoy with you and set it up anywhere. It is simply a great addition to your next hunting expedition that will automatically increase your odds of success.

Miss September has its head bent down to the ground as if it’s enjoying a meal, and it is very realistic-looking. It weighs just 33 ounces and folds into a 22” x 13” size, which means it is super-easy to carry anywhere you need to go. The interesting thing about this decoy is that it can calm any wary bulls, but it still gives a shy bull a good reason to approach outside the rut. Even better, you can use the decoy either alone or with other elk decoys made by Montana. When you’re in elk country, look for Miss September to be the perfect elk diva.

This elk is very realistic-looking and in fact was built using an actual picture of an elk, which means it is filled with details that guarantee it looks like the real thing. You can set it up with either a string hanging system or with the leg poles, both of which are enclosed with the package. It is super-easy to set up and to use, and yet it still comes with a DVD that provides lots of helpful tips on hunting with decoys to get excellent results every time. It is also very lightweight and folds down to a convenient 19” x 12” size.

If you want realism when elk hunting, this is the decoy you want. It is so realistic that several times, it has been shot at by a hunter who believed it was a real elk, which shows you how detail-oriented it is. This is indeed a great decoy to use on your next elk-hunting expedition, and one you won’t regret buying.

Weighing just a tad under 2 pounds and with the ability to fold down into a 9” x 3” size, this is a realistic-looking coyote that was built using an actual photograph of a coyote. It is perfect for deterring unwanted geese, and it comes with metal poles to stick into the ground to keep it level and steady. Because of new and improved printing technology and the new 3D tail, it’s unlikely you’ve ever seen a coyote decoy quite like this one. It is even movable and therefore resembles a real coyote in many ways, and its package makes it super-easy to carry it from one expedition to another.