What is Ground Blind Hunting?

When you’re out hunting, you already know how important it is to keep your targets from knowing where you are, and this is where some type of shelter or device can come in handy. Ground blind hunting involves a type of shelter that hunters and gamekeepers use so that the animals being hunted won’t see them. Ground Blinds are made to accommodate hunters hunting various types of animals. This is why there are duck blinds, deer blinds, and a few others.

Hunting blinds can be permanent or temporary, on the ground or a little higher up, and if you’d like to install one of these yourself, the first thing you should do is check with the rules in effect where you live. The laws can vary according to the state and city you’re in, as well as the season it is. It’s always best to check the laws before you erect a blind, even if you own the property, because the laws are sometimes very specific with their do’s and don’ts. Hunting blinds can be stable or mobile, and one of the most-effective types of ground blinds allow hunters to be almost 100% undetectable by the animals.

When a lot of people think of a hunting blind, they think of a traditional tree stand, but a good sturdy ground blind is a great alternative and is often easier to work with since it is, in fact, on the ground. In addition to concealment from the animals, hunting blinds offer other advantages as well. These blinds are usually easy to set up and tear down, and they can often fit around four or so people in case you’re hunting with a few friends.

You might think of a blind as an inconvenience since you have to carry it with you when you go hunting, set it up, and tear it down once you’re done, but the advantages of using ground blinds far outweigh the small inconveniences attached to them. In fact, just the game you’ll end up bringing home with you at the end of the day makes it worth it to have one of these devices. They are always camouflage or dark-colored to make them less noticeable, and best of all, they are usually not that expensive.

Yet another advantage of these blinds is their ability to keep you safe from the elements, so if you go hunting and you experience rain or even snow, you can concentrate on hunting only and not the rain or snow that’s inundating your blind. There are also several different styles of ground blinds to choose from, and they are described next.

Styles of Ground Blinds

There are two main styles of ground blinds. The first is a spring steel blind that is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and the second is a hub-style blind, which is more difficult to erect but offers a lot of durability. Your decision will be based in part on how you plan to use the blind, including how many people will be going on the trip with you. As a general rule, you should get a blind with a floor size that can accommodate all of your gear plus a hunting chair, in addition to a minimum 180- to 270-degree view. If your gear includes a crossbow, you’ll have to keep in mind the size of that bow before choosing the blind.

If you choose a two-person blind, it usually has a 60” x 60” shooting width, as well as a standing height of 54” to 64”. If you need additional gear or more than one extra person, you’ll have to find a ground blind that is even bigger. Each brand of blinds offers something different, so a little research is important because this is the best way to choose the right one in the end. Don’t just consider the number of people who will be inside of the blind; you also have to consider the gear and equipment that is going with you. There has to be room for all of this.

Features and Accessories

The good thing about ground blinds is the variety you get when you start shopping for one. As mentioned earlier, blinds are available in several different camo patterns and are typically black on the inside to hide the hunters. You also get features such as zippers, elastic curtain bands, magnets, elastic hook closures, and Velcro, all of which are there to make using the blind much easier on you. Window panels and material screens and even elongated corner windows for bowhunting are extra perks that you can easily find in many brands of hunting blinds.

On the inside of the blind, many brands include several wall pockets for you to store small items, and some even include a bow-hanging system. Window shelves, hooks, and bendable hanging strips for a bow or light source are additional accessories that are offered with today’s ground blinds. Whether you want a basic ground blind or one with all of the bells and whistles, they are easy to find with today’s selection. If you’re going hunting for more than a few hours, especially if you intend to be out there for several days, you’ll likely need one that comes with a few more accessories and conveniences.

Ground Blind Hunting Tips

Naturally, you’ll want to set up your hunting blind in a spot that presents you with the best shot opportunity. When deciding where to place the blind, keep in mind where the sun will be at the end of the day if you expect your hunting session to be a long one. The last thing you want is to have trouble aiming at something later in the day because the sun is in your eyes.

As far as erecting your blind goes, most brands have everything you need to do the job successfully, including stakes and tie-down cords. Tying down the blind is essential on windy days and in other situations, but the manufacturer will make sure you have everything you need to successfully use your blind every time.