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Kodiak Island – Crossbow Hunting Guide & Tips

Kodiak Island sits off the southern coast of Alaska in the Kodiak Archipelago, and is the state’s largest fishing port.

There are two specific hunting seasons on Kodiak Island. The first lasts from April 1 to May 15, and the second one lasts from October 25 to November 30.

Be aware that some of the land is private property and, therefore, you’ll need to check with the state and the landowner to make sure you don’t need a special license or permit.

When hunting on Kodiak Island, be sure to schedule the  hunt from start to finish.

Get accurate and up-to-date information on permits, licenses. The informaiton will show you which area of the island you should hunt. 

What Do the Guides Recommend?

To plan your hunting trip, you should first know that unless a specific hunt prohibits the use of weapons, the use of a crossbow is always allowed.

The only thing you need to watch for is hunts that are designed strictly for bows and arrows and nothing else, because in the state of Alaska, crossbows are not considered as belonging to the archery group. This means that you cannot use your crossbow if the hunt is designed for bows and arrows only.

In addition, to use crossbows on your Alaskan hunt, the following requirements apply:

What Do the Guides Recommend?

If you’re a non-resident of Alaska, you are required to have a guide with you when you’re hunting big game. You can have a registered big game guide or family member.

You are not allowed to hunt big game in Alaska alone. Hutners are given one 15-consecutive-day hunting period, which starts the day you pick up your hunting permit.

People often ask if the spring season is best. However, you may be surprised to know both seaso  are capable of providing  a successful hunt.

That being said, many hunters find the spring season to be better. The spring gives the hutner more hours of daylight.  However, the final decision has to be left up to you.

The state’s experts usually recommend you use a crossbow that is easy to handle. A crossbow that you feel comfortable with. Just remember the  crossbow recommendations mentioned above.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Kodiak Island?

If you’re curious about hunting on Kodiak Island, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that might help answer some of your questions:

Q: How Much Does it Cost to Go on a Kodiak Island Bear Hunt?

A: The cost is anywhere from $11,250 to more than $32,000. This is not counting the boat ride or airplane to the hunting spot. These amounts are based on your hunting license, game tag, land use fees, taxidermy fees, and guide fees, among others.

Q: How Often Are Bears on Kodiak Island Found?

A: That depends on where you are. Hunters can usually find one bear every one-and-a-half square miles. The bears are often found more frequently in areas such as tidal flats, salmon streams, and other areas where they prefer to feed.

Q: What Are the Chances of Finding a Brown Bear to Hunt?

A: The average is a 35% chance for Alaskan residents and 75% for guided non-resident hunters. In the spring the chances are higher. 

Kodiak Island is the home of mountain goats, reindeer, Roosevelt elk, and the Sitka black-tail deer. 

Plan your trip carefully and in advance. The regulations in Alaska are subject to change. Always check before making your final plans.

Be safe and have fun! 

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