How to Hunt Sitka BlackTail


Generally, black-tailed deer travel as a herd. Talking individually, the male black-tailed deer travel in a group of 1 to 3 members, while the females have a group of 5 to 6 members.

Scent Eliminator

Sitka black-tailed deer are well known for their sharp smelling sense. It is a smart choice to wear scent eliminator prior to hunting these deer. This will prevent the deer from detecting you via olfactory receptors, ultimately resulting in getting the deer trapped in your net.


The two main things that attract the focus of black-tailed deer is deer bleat or deer grunt. Using these products wisely, irrespective of the gender will make deer hunting even easier for you.

Field Judging

While hunting for Sitka black-tailed deer, look for a deer who is having branched antler.

Shooting the animal

It is very important to have the professional skills of shooting if you are looking forward to hunting a Sitka black-tailed deer. Maintaining the right distance from the animal and aiming  are two things that are a must to master.

Stay Protected

The most important thing in hunting a Sitka black-tailed deer is the safety of the hunter. Make sure that you are wearing the necessary safety equipment when you leave for the hunt of the deer.

Tips for hunting black-tail deer

#1 Right Location

Thick bushes and dense forests are the major preferences of Sitka black-tailed deer. Their habitat makes it even harder to be spotted because their quite movements through the thick area are nearly undetectable.

#2 The Nature of the Calendar

Sitka Black-tailed deer have a nocturnal nature. Did you know the size of the moon is something that puts an effect on the activity of these deer?

The Sitka Deer use the light from the moon to search for food. The larger the moon, the brighter the night. This increases a hunters chance of  finding a deer.

#3 The Seasons

Sitka black-tailed deer are usually seen in the time between fall and mid-winter. For scouting, it is advised to start visiting their habitats from July to early August. You must keep in mind that to hunt them, you must know them first. Visit their lands when you can find time to know them better.

#4 The Time of Day

Being nocturnal, Sitka black-tailed deer are most lively between the times of dawn and dusk. It is the time of the day when you are most likely to locate a deer.

#5 The Temperature

The Pacific Northwest has a temperature ranging between hot and humid to freezing and damp. This temperature variation effect the presence of Sitka black-tailed deer. As the temperature gets colder, the chances of finding black-tailed deer also increase. Specific mating calls are carried out to locate these deer.

#6 The Weather Condition

Sitka black-tailed deer is most likely to be found in a rainy, foggy or misty environment. Hunters may face difficulty in sticking to their keen hunt mission on such days. However, keep in mind these are good days to hunt hte deer.

#7 The Wind

Sitka black-tailed deer have most developed olfactory receptors. The deer is good at sensing even the slightest smells. So it is best for a hunter to choose a day when the wind is calm.

Go through this information well, consider the tips and construct a proper hunting plan that is both effective and speedy.  Happy Hunting!