Crossbows 2021

How Long Can You Leave the Crossbow Cocked?

One of the top qustions Crossbow Canyon is frequestnly asked relates to cocking the crossbow. How long can you leave the crossbow cocked? Once you cock your crossbow, you can leave it cocked all day. You can actually cock it at home before you leave, in the truck, or on the ground below the treestand. As long as you have your safety on, it is safe to leave it cocked all day.

If you do not end up taking a shot, you will need to uncock the crossbow. The only safe way to do this is to shoot it. You should have a blunt-tipped arrow in your quiver specifically for this purpose. You can aim at a safe target or a soft piece of ground and shoot the crossbow.

It is important to remember that you should never dry fire a crossbow. It will ruin your crossbow and you should never do it. If you are going to come down from the treestand with your crossbow cocked, that is fine but remove the arrow first and make sure that the safety is on.

Take Care of Your Crossbow

When you are in Wisconsin hunting, you should always take care of your crossbow. It is a mechanical weapon and the most important thing is safety. Keeping your crossbow in good condition and properly maintaining it ensures the safest conditions. You should start by making sure that you read all of the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. In addition, you need to check your strings, cams, trigger, and safety mechanisms regularly and immediately have the crossbow repaired or parts replaced if there is any issue.

Do You Need a Good Rest?

No matter how light your crossbow is, it is a good idea to have a good rest.When you are up in a treestand for what could be hours, your crossbow will get heavy. Ideally, you should find a crossbow rest that has a safety rail because this will provide a place to rest the crossbow and help to stabilize the shot.


Another possibility is a monopod that is similar to those that rifle hunters use. You want to make sure that your crossbow doesn’t become heavy because it can make it harder to shoot accurately.