Barnett HyperTac 410 Crossbow

Barnett Hyper Whitetail 410 Crossbow vs. Barnett HyperTac Crossbow

When a crossbow is your preferred method of hunting, you already know there are a lot of them available for you to choose. That being said, why not go with a name brand that has one of the best reputations in the crossbow industry – Barnett? Barnett has been making reliable, high-quality crossbows since 1962, and two of their most popular bows are the Hyper Whitetail 410 and the HyperTac.

The company definitely makes some of the best crossbows on the market, and in this article, we’re going to take a look at these two amazing crossbows in more detail.

The Hyper Whitetail 410 crossbow has arrows that are small in diameter and therefore give you great penetration and precision every time. Thanks to their HyperfliteTM technology, you get 25% deeper penetration and a speed of 410 feet per second in order to get very accurate kills every time. Nevertheless, the Whitetail 410 crossbow still has the features you love about Barnett’s Whitetail line, including soft rubber touchpoints, durable stock and pass-through foregrip, and the aluminum flight track.

The illuminated 4×32 scope, preinstalled string dampeners, rope cocking sled, and Picatinny rails are great accessories you’ll enjoy. It won’t take you long to realize why this is such a popular crossbow. The bow is both comfortable and very effective, and it’s great for both beginners and more advanced users. You’ll also get everything you need to start hunting with it immediately, including two 22-inch arrows, a premium side-mount quiver, a rope-cocking sled, and some lube wax. Even better, it comes in a discrete color that won’t attract attention when you’re out in the field hunting.

The Hyper Whitetail 410 crossbow also includes a few safety features you are certain to appreciate, regardless of how long you’ve been hunting with crossbows. This includes the anti-dry fire (ADF) trigger system, the TriggerTech zero creep frictionless release technology, and the Soft Lok floating bristle arrow retainer. Because you use them together, they offer top-notch safety regardless of what you’re hunting or what your experience level is.

Lightweight and With a Great Design

You can buy the Whitetail 410 crossbow with or without the crank device, and the latter costs around $750. The bow weighs a little under 8 pounds and is therefore lightweight enough to use with ease. In addition to the 410 FPS speed and the light weight, the crossbow has a length of 36.5 inches and a draw weight of 190 pounds. The axle-to-axle width when cocked is 9.1875 inches. One of the things hunters love most about the Whitetail 410 crossbow is its sleek design. It is built on a durable Whitetail Pro stock and even comes with an aluminum flight track that is CNC-machined, giving you great accuracy.

The bow also uses a narrow front end with reverse cams, and the three Picatinny rails allow you to attach the scope easily and quickly. Even better, this is a relatively quiet crossbow that won’t distract your prey when you’re out in the woods hunting. Its scope is waterproof and shock-resistant, and it is even illuminated in case you need to use it in low-light conditions. Finally, the quality of the trigger – which includes a metal injection molded design – is made so that you always get a very light and smooth trigger action, adding to your confidence as you shoot at your target.

When you’re shopping for the Whitetail 410 crossbow, you’ll notice that it usually comes without the crank, but you can use a rope-cocking sled if you like. This sled makes it easy to draw once you’ve adjusted the length of the sled rope, which is not very difficult to do. The small-diameter arrows have a .001-inch straightness and an exact shaft diameter of .204 inches. The quiver is a lot more durable than many people are expecting it to be, and it holds a total of three arrows.

A Few Other Characteristics

With a 190-pound pull weight and a 15-inch power stroke, this crossbow can deliver a full 142 ft-lbs of kinetic energy every time you use it. Keep in mind that when Barnett speed-tested the crossbow, it used a 380-grain arrow. That being said, between the speed and power of the crossbow and the top-quality HyperFliteTM arrows, this device shoots and delivers unlike anything you’ve ever used in the past. It is still easy to assemble, disassemble, and use whether you’re new to this type of hunting or you’ve been using crossbows for years.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind about the Hyper Whitetail 410 crossbow is that it does not come with a case to keep it in, so it is highly recommended that you purchase a case on your own. If you hunt a lot, this is especially important because the more you maneuver it and take it out on a hunt, the more likely it will break. Crossbows are very strong and durable, but that doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong if you use yours regularly. This is why it is so important that you purchase a well-fitting crossbow case.

The Barnett Hyper Whitetail 410 crossbow is one crossbow you won’t regret buying. It is super high-quality and should last you for many years. In addition, there are only a few negative comments left by real-life customers. In fact, the only two comments made in a negative way include the fact that the crossbow only comes with two arrows and there is only a limited warranty. Other than that, real-life customers seem to love this crossbow. No wonder it’s one of the Barnett Whitetail crossbows on the market today.

Barnett HyperTac Crossbow

Just like the Whitetail crossbows made by Barnett, the HyperTac bows are high-quality and efficient bows for hunters. The HyperTac comes in three versions: the 420 with a crank device, the 420 without a crank device, and the 430 with a crank device. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the 420 without a crank device, which is priced at around $700 as of this writing.

The first thing you should know about the bow is that it has excellent safety features, including anti-dry fire (ADF) technology, Soft Lock floating bristle arrow retainer, and the TriggerTech 3-pound zero-creep frictionless release technology. The retainer keeps the arrow in place, preventing it from accidentally falling off of the flight deck. The flight deck itself comes with finger safety reminders that prevent your fingers or hands from getting in the way of the string’s path. It even comes with an ambidextrous safety switch!

The HyperTac 420 is very compact and has a 35.9-inch length and an axle-to-axle width of 18.75 inches uncocked (9.1875 inches once it’s cocked). The bow weighs just under 8 pounds, which makes it a very lightweight device. The fact that it is so well-balanced means it should feel even less heavy than that once you pick it up and start to use it. It is super-easy to maneuver and even has a CNC-machined aluminum flight track along with a tactical-style and adjustable buttstock.

In fact, the buttstock allows you to adjust the length of the crossbow so that you basically get a custom fit, which makes it much more comfortable to maneuver. The multi-position pistol grip and pass-through forend adds to the ease and comfort of using this crossbow. And since it comes with three Picatinny rails, you’ll have room to attach hardware if you like, such as an extra quiver, a flashlight, or anything else. The company even added a string damper so the bow is dampened down as you’re shooting.

A Very Strong and Durable Crossbow

The design of the HyperTac 420 crossbow is cutting edge, making it extremely durable even if you accidentally drop it at some point. You get a 1.5-5x32mm Halo scope that you’ll love, in part because it has a speed selector that matches any crossbow which shoots 300 to 425 feet per second (FPS). You can aim this Halo scope at exact 10-yard intervals from 20 yards to 70 yards without any problems, and it is even well-illuminated to help you out if you’re hunting in low-light conditions.

And one more thing about the scope – you can choose illuminated reticles that are either green or red, with just a simple push-button on/off operation. If you’re not using the illumination, you’ll have to remember to turn the button, but other than that this is a great feature that is also easy to use. The button even allows you to alter the intensity of the illumination if you like, making it a feature you’ll soon feel is an extremely important one.

If you want a smooth pull with zero detectable creep, the HyperTac 420 crossbow is the one you want. It is built with a metal injection molded (MIM) trigger and a 3-pound TriggerTech system with frictionless release technology, which is a great feature for both beginners as well as more advanced crossbow enthusiasts. When you pull the trigger on a crossbow, you want it to be easy and smooth, not to mention comfortable, and this bow gives you all three.

Cocking, Arrows, and More

If you choose the HyperTac with the rope cocker, you’ll get a smooth and very simple motion every time, in part because this rope cocker cuts the 225-pound draw weight in half. The HyperFlite arrows weigh 330 grain and are 22 inches long, and their .204-inch diameter allows for greater penetration, which means your kill will be cleaner and more effective. The bow even comes with a side-mounted quiver that holds up to three arrows.

As far as putting the bow together is concerned, the HyperTac 420 is very easy to assemble and disassemble, requiring only one bolt to assemble the riser. Even better, the Halo scope is super-easy to calibrate and can usually be zeroed in in just minutes. The package you’ll get includes three arrows, a 1.5-5×32 illuminated scope, lube wax, and a quiver. This means you can be ready to use your crossbow as soon as you get it out of the package.

The Barnett HyperTac 420 crossbow is compact but very powerful, combining a new slick design and an ultra-compact riser assembly to give you the ultimate shooting experience. It even comes in a camo design so that it doesn’t attract attention when you’re out in the woods. It is accurate up to 70 yards and has a buttstock that allows for you to experience a custom length of pull. Because of the size and type of arrows that come with it, you can experience efficient and very accurate penetration every time.

Finally, just like the Hyper Whitetail 410 crossbow, the HyperTac bows come with no case, and since a case can prevent damage to your bow from constant and frequent use, it is recommended that you buy one of these cases as soon as you get your crossbow. This, and the fact that no sling is included with the crossbow package, seems to be the only negative comment made by real-life customers on websites that show customer reviews.

Which Crossbow Should You Choose?

The Barnett name is known for making high-quality crossbows, and the Hyper Whitetail 410 and HyperTac 420 bows are two of the best. Both are durable, easy to assemble and disassemble, very accurate, and easy to use whether you’re a beginner or advanced crossbow user. The 410 and 420 have speeds of 410 FPS and 420 FPS, respectively, and they come with two and three arrows, respectively, but other than that, there are truly few differences between these two bows.

To be sure, these are both very high-quality crossbows that are built to last, and their prices are very close as well. To determine the one that is right for you, it’s a good idea to make a list of features that are important to you and compare that to the two bows so you can make the right decision. Either way, you likely won’t regret your purchase.