Top 5 Crossbow Limb Dampeners

Top 5 Crossbow Limb Dampeners

Limb dampeners for crossbows serve a few different purposes, but their main purpose is to reduce the vibrations.

 Reducing the noise that your crossbow makes can greatly enhance the hunting experience. Not only is the bow quieter and experiences fewer vibrations, but these dampeners can even reduce the fatigue that hunters feel while out in the field.

Crossbow limb dampeners come in many different types, but if you’re mostly interested in the dampeners that have gotten the highest customer ratings, below are a few of them.

1. LimbSaver TwistLox Limb Dampener for Split Limb Bows

Available in both black and camo, these limb dampeners are consistently given four- and five-star ratings by their customers. They noticeably dampen both vibrations and noise when you’re shooting your compound bow, and they are super easy to install as well. All you have to do is slide it in, twist it, then lock it up so that it fits securely and tightly. Because the company recommends that you use two or more dampeners on each limb, the product comes in packages of four for your convenience.

These limb dampeners can be used on most standard and wide-spaced split limb bows in two different orientations. They are also made with a material known as NAVCOM, which is LimbSaver’s own proprietary dampening material and which does a great job on your crossbow. If you’re concerned about the noise or vibrations keeping your targets away, you need these dampeners, and at under $18 per package, they are inexpensive enough to buy more than one set at a time.

2. Sims Vibration Split Limb Dampeners

Available in orange, green, blue, and pink, these dampeners are universal and fit both narrow and wide split limbs. They reduce up to 80% of the noise coming from the crossbow, and at less than $24 for a set of four, you can afford to have several sets on-hand at any given time. They are also lightweight at roughly three ounces and are made out of a sturdy rubber material to keep them in good working order for a very long time. You don’t even have to remove your cams to install them and in fact, installing them is a breeze.

These dampeners will also not affect the accuracy of the crossbow, so you can use them with complete confidence every time. They are easy to install and easy to use, and in fact most of the time you’ll barely notice they are there. This is what every crossbow enthusiast needs, and they will never disappoint.

Bowjax Revelation Dampeners in Black

Priced at just under $16 for a pack of four limb dampeners, the Bowjax dampeners are 2 1/2 inches by 1 7/8 inches and are lightweight to provide much better performance. Best of all, you can install them quickly without using any adhesive or screws, so there’s no need to get out your toolbox to fit these limb dampeners perfectly onto your crossbow. At barely nine ounces in weight, you don’t have to worry about them being cumbersome or so heavy that their use becomes complicated or difficult.

Customers of the Bowjax limb dampeners love how easy they are to put on and how well they work. The dampeners are so efficient that it’ll feel like you’re hunting with a brand-new crossbow. Bowjax makes a number of products for today’s crossbow enthusiasts, and they provide high-quality, reasonably priced products every time.

4. I-Sport Rubber Bow Limb Dampeners, 1 Pair

Available in either green or black, these limb dampeners are made specifically for archery but of course, you can use them on numerous crossbows of many types.

You can get a noise reduction of up to 70% and still shoot as accurately as you did before, and they are a little more than two inches wide and long. In addition, these dampeners offer great balance so that tightening up those shot groups is a piece of cake. Easy to install on your compound bow, they are made to fit both standard and wide-split limb bows.

With consistent high ratings by their customers, you won’t have to worry about the I-Sport limb dampeners letting you down. They fit tight, but not too tight, and do a great job of reducing the vibrations and, therefore, the noise associated with your bowstrings. They are also sturdy enough to last for a very long time.

5. Tbest Stabilizer Limb Dampeners, Set of 2

Perfect for both archery and hunting, these limb dampeners are flexible but sturdy and made out of a high-quality rubber material. Able to fit most compound bows, the dampeners can be installed in minutes without the use of tools, making them not just an efficient product but a very practical one as well.

They are made to reduce both vibration and noise, and they are wear-resistant and can reduce up to 70% of the vibrations you are currently experiencing. You also get two of these dampeners for less than $18, so you can easily afford to buy more than one pack at a time if you like.

Lightweight at barely two ounces, these limb dampeners have tons of very satisfied customers who claim they love the ease of installation and the fact that they are reliable time after time. If you’re looking for great limb dampeners that you can buy without breaking the bank, look no further because this is it.