crossbow Xpedite EVO NXT

What is the Xpedite EVO NXT Crossbow?

The Xpedite EVO NXT Crossbow is a sensational crossbow that offers ultimate speed. It has a terrific shootable feel and has amazing specifications that allow you to hunt like a pro. This crossbow offers excellent caliber and puts out the kind of speed that is impressive. This crossbow delivers a high level of performance and will surely live up to your expectations, as it goes up to as much as three hundred and sixty feet per second. The camera system that comes with this bow is awesome. The brace height is good at a provision of around five and a quarter inches. The bow is a comfortable weight of just over four pounds. You will appreciate the fact that this crossbow is easy to control during usage, as it does not easily vibrate.

This well designed, fast crossbow should be used for those who are looking for a crossbow that puts out a high level of performance for all archery sessions. The crossbow should be used by those who want to have a range for high let off and low let off, as this crossbow offers let off ranges from sixty-five percent to ninety percent. If someone is looking for a crossbow that can provide high speeds, then the person should certainly consider using this amazing crossbow due to the fact that it can produce a shooting speed up to as much as three hundred and sixty feet per second. Also, when someone desires a crossbow that comes with the provision of an excellent camera system to make the crossbow more shooter friendly, then this is definitely the crossbow that the person should use. The camera truly makes the crossbow so much more user friendly with a higher level of precision every time. This crossbow is for the avid hunter who does not want to use a gun to shoot game. This crossbow is for the hunter also who likes to use both guns and crossbows when desiring to add a bit of shooting variety to his or her hunting expeditions.

Best Features of the Xpedite EVO NXT Crossbow


It cannot be denied that the Xpedite EVO NXT Crossbow comes to you with a terrific looking finish. The finish is highly resistant to much usage. This means that the crossbow will continue to look great for a long time.You can thus opt for a finish in charcoal or black. You can also choose a finish in mossy oak.


The riser is reflexed for optimal performance. The cutouts of the riser demonstrate that this is a high quality crossbow that delivers real ultimate performance every time. You will be pleased that the riser is ample in length, as this crossbow has a length of thirty-three inches.

Terrific balance

You will be pleased that at only a bit over four pounds, this crossbow is comfortable to handle and that it offers optimal balance during usage. Thus, the balance will help you to be more in control of the device and this makes a better containment for the cable system.

Great tuning results

The cable slide is made to be easily adjustable. This means that adjustments can be made in order to allow for vane clearance according to the needs of each individual shooter. This provides for a more comfortable shooting experience for the shooter.



Cage provides extra strength

The cage has been meticulously designed and truly provides extra support for the riser due to the amazing strength that it has. This greatly aids in ensuring the offsetting of the torque when the cams achieve a complete draw. You will be impressed with the great level of stability that the cage adds to the riser of this high quality crossbow.

Noise and vibration prevented by dampeners

This amazing crossbow implements the usage of a top quality string stop system that also includes a dampener with a flat back that is crafted of reliable rubber. In addition, more dampeners have been added to both the bottom and top areas of the riser. As a result, this then allows for the counteraction of any vibration and noise that could happen following the shot. Thus, you will not have to worry about a lot of vibration or noise when you use this unique crossbow.

Comfortable grip

It is convenient that this thrilling crossbow has been created to provide a grip that has been completely incorporated into the design of the riser. As a result of there being no side plates on the grip, this makes the grip feel simple and comfortable with the back being pretty flat with the implementation of an edge that has a slight curve. This results in the crossbow resting in your hand well. Overall, the grip has the right balance in regard to shape and thickness to offer the highest level of comfort for shooters.

Limbs prevent leaning

The limbs are a great addition to the crossbow due to the fact that they prevent most issues of cam lean. Thus, shooters have the option of selecting limbs that can accommodate a weight of sixty-five pounds as well as seventy-pounds. Thus, with the addition of the limbs, you can have better control of the crossbow at all times.

Excellent shootability

When you look at this fast crossbow, it is designed so that it looks amazingly impressive. It looks like it is powerful. But when you actually use it, you will experience firsthand how powerful it really is. This is a legitimate crossbow that has an excellent level of shootability that you can enjoy and truly be proud of at all times. You will find that you will enjoy the outstanding performance of this splendid crossbow and you will be pleased that it easily holds on target in an effortless manner. Moreover, you will realize that even at long distances, the pin float is rather minimal for your ultimate shooting success every time.