What is the Redemption EKO Crossbow?

For a non-traditional bow with genuinely unique features, the Redemption EKO Crossbow is an outrunner-powered archery alternative. It’s lightweight, designed for convenience, and offers impressive performance on its own.

As with all technology products, some aspects of this bow are more difficult to find than others. With the information provided below, you’ll be able to decide if the potential features and benefits represent enough value to warrant the price.

The Redemption EKO Crossbow is a unique take on the traditional bow. Rather than having the conventional parallel limbs, this bow has a four-bar mechanism so that it uses an outrunner motor to fire arrows. This allows for a lightweight design (3.2 pounds) that is easy to use and powerful enough to take down any game you happen to be hunting.

The mechanisms are sealed, and so almost all of the noise from it can be eliminated. The bow itself is designed for convenience, with a rear-mounted scope rail and a fiber optic sight with tritium illumination. You can also mount a scope on it to take advantage of the extra magnification that is provided by the scope rail.

It’s a single-sided bow, which means that it’s only draw-ready from one side. As such, this isn’t great for target shooting or hunting multiple targets at once. The bow is built with convenience in mind and is designed to have just the right amount of power to take down a game animal. The draw weight for the bow ranges from 80 pounds to 125 pounds, which means that this is one of the more powerful bows on the market.

If you’re looking for a powerful bow, then this is definitely a great option to consider. Whether you’re hunting or target shooting, this archery alternative has plenty of power to offer. The design of the bow consists of a fiberglass-reinforced polymer and is made out of aluminum. It’s lightweight and doesn’t cause arm fatigue with extended use.

The bow also allows for a more stable shot with reduced recoil so that you can keep your arrows on target more easily. With its impressive specifications, this is one powerful alternative to traditional archery equipment.

It’s lightweight and designed for convenience, making it an excellent choice for those who want a powerful bow without having to worry about carrying it around from place to place.

Key Specifications

Weight– 3.2 pounds

Length– 34″

String length– 24″

String Diameter (inside)– .140″

Trigger Stroke (inch)– 7/8″

String Retainers– Fiberglass, Black Corian

Speed (f.p.s.)– 300+ fps

Accuracy (f.p.s.)– 0.05″

Ammo Type– Crossbow Arrows

Scope Mount– N/A

Scope Included– No

Draw Weight– 80-125 lbs.


The Good Incredibly powerful bow is well suited for hunting or target shooting. Lightweight design that is easy to handle and shoot. Delivers a powerful shot with little recoil. The Scope is sold separately, so you’ll need to consider whether or not you want to shell out additional cash in order to use this bow for hunting.

Best Features of the Redemption EKO Crossbow

Lightweight Design


This bow is incredibly lightweight, and it’s made to be easy on the archer. The bow is designed with convenience in mind and can be easily carried around from place to place. It’s also very easy to handle due to its lightweight design. With a weight of less than three pounds, it is the perfect option for those who want a lightweight bow that doesn’t affect their arm strength and accuracy.



The Redemption EKO is one of the most powerful Crossbows in the market, and it delivers a powerful shot with little recoil. It’s powerful enough for hunting and target shooting, and it will suit the needs of most users.

Durable & Reliable Crossbow


This Crossbow is made to withstand the test of time, and it can be used for years without experiencing any problems. The bow comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure that you will get your money’s worth out of it.

Who should use the Crossbow?

This bow is designed for anyone who wants to use it for hunting or target-shooting. It is not recommended for beginners, as it’s a little bit too powerful and can easily break bones if not handled carefully. It’s also a good bow for those who want to keep their gear lightweight while still having a powerful crossbow.

The stock of the Crossbow is designed for people with smaller hands. It comes with an extended reach and is perfect for people who are short in stature. This facilitates better shots and makes it easy to quickly draw the bow when needed. It also makes it possible to get a decent shot straight from a prone position making this bow perfect for hunting out of doors.

Pros of Redemption EKO Crossbow :

Better maneuverability

This crossbow is designed to make it easier for you to get good shots. Its short design makes it easy to handle. It gives you a good shot from the prone position. It’s a smaller crossbow, which makes it a lot easier to handle when hunting in the field, especially if you have small hands.

Better accuracy

When I first started shooting this bow, I was able to shoot 1″ groups at 30 yards and 200 yards (there is a built-in string gauge on the device, and it can be adjusted.) This is better than other recurves that I have used before.

Comfortable Handle


The handle has a high-quality polymer material that feels very comfortable in your hand. The grip is also ergonomically designed and will not cause hand fatigue when shooting for extended periods of time.

Stable Grip

The stock is designed very well because it has a low center of gravity, which means that the bow will stand on its own if you release it while mounted. This makes it very stable when shooting. This is particularly important for me because I shoot from a kneeling position while hunting turkeys and other small game animals.

Easy draw and release mechanism

This is one of the easiest recurves to draw because it has a cammed trigger system. It’s also very easy to release, which means that you can quickly get off a shot.

Adjustable for shooters of any height

 This bow comes with five different draw lengths, which can be adjusted by simply pulling out the string stop and moving it up or down, respectively. There is also a built-in string gauge and a dial to change the draw weight.

Cons of Redemption EKO Crossbow


The Crossbow is quite expensive compared to other bows. It is not the most expensive bow on the market, but it is still more than what I was expecting it to be.

Other cons are as follows:
  • When shooting this bow, you should be careful not to bang it against rocks or any other hard objects because this will make the bow break. This is particularly true if you are taking shots from a distance at hard objects.


  • Some may complain that it’s not able to shoot accurately from further away. Well, this depends on the shooter themselves.


  • The stock color is just for looks only. It has no real difference in the performance of the Crossbow at all; hence it’s better to get one as per your liking for looks than try to match its colors for looks.

Do I recommend the Redemption EKO?

Yes! In my opinion, this is one of the best bow choices for hunting or target shooting. This bow will suit the needs of most users, and it is also pretty powerful for an archery crossbow. I recommend this bow to anyone who can afford it.


Question: What are the draw weight ranges for this bow?

Answer: The Redemption EKO has a draw weight range of 80-125 lbs. The lighter you are, the closer you want to be to the upper range of 80 lbs. The heavier you are, the closer to 125 lbs you want to be.

Question: What strings come with the Crossbow?

Answer: The string that comes with this bow is 100 lb. E-Z pull speed, and I recommend it.

Question: Does this bow come with a scope?

Answer: This bow does not come with a scope, but it has a built-in string gauge and dial that can adjust the draw weight as necessary.

Question: Is this a takedown crossbow?

Answer: No, Redemption EKO is not a takedown model. It is a permanent installation model.

Question: What are the dimensions of this bow?

Answer: It’s a little over 30″ long, and the draw weight range is 80-125 lbs. This makes it perfect for hunters and target shooters because it’s not too heavy for most people, and it can shoot arrows accurately at distances up to 150 yards.

Question: Do I need to assemble this Crossbow?

Answer: No. Simply follow the instructions, and you should be fine.


Overall, the Redemption EKO Crossbow is a fine choice for anyone who wants to use it for hunting or target shooting. It’s very powerful and accurate with little recoil, and it’s designed to last a lifetime. This is why I recommend this bow to almost all users.