What is the Elite Enkore Crossbow?

The Elite Enkore Crossbow is the latest crossbow model released by the renowned Elite crossbow brand, released late in 2020. The newest crossbow release is the improved crossbow after Elite Kure, with better speed, better crossbow grip, and better fine-tuning. In addition, the crossbow’s exquisitely designed form for talented shooters and well-trained tournament shooters is fortified with the industry’s best features. It is a modern compound bow with a working levering system to bend the limbs, with cables and winches.

Features of Elite Enkore Crossbow

The Elite Enkore’s upgrade with the Tri-Track Set cam system causes a smooth draw cycle highly preferred by archers. These specific cams have reverse modes where one can change draw lengths or eights as precise as quarter-inch intervals. The back wall has two options; either the cable stop or limb stop aiming to give highly steady shots. The Tri-Track Cam uses one cable on every one side to balance the load laterally on the side of the axle. The feature stabilizes the cam to full draw, giving a straight, smooth shot. The Tri-track Set Cam System is built to numb and reduce the vibration effect of heavy set draws, making the shot streamlined to the last degree. The aim is as sure as day with intent and confidence on target. The cams have modifiable let-offs ranging from fifty to seventy pounds, which significantly draw weight for light shooters.

The Enkore features the latest design, Versa Performance Mod System, which gives up to 90% let-off, generating higher speed. The mod option offers shooters to customize the required fit for customized or perfected crossbow efficiency for the shooter.


The 2021 crossbow is defined by its tuning technology to turn its limbs to correct insufficient tears when tuning. It is highly reviewed as an easy and do-it-from-home tuning experience that barely requires a bow press to adjust. The technology is called the Simplified Exact Tuning (SET), and it allows an archer to enhance the least possible adjustments to the cam’s attitude from the limb pocket. The feature provides the most uncomplicated tuning process at the most comfortable position in the bow for all types of tuning, whether paper tuning, bare shaft, wall back, and even broadhead tuning. The feature is a complete game changer compared to other crossbow brands.

The Enkore crossbow is a bit longer than others Elite crossbows, at 33-inch axle-to-axle length, and weighs about four and a half pounds. According to its size, the weight is slightly higher, but it provides proper steady aim during complete draws. The Stabilo limb pockets encase entirely bulletproof limbs that offer stability, leading to perfect aim shots. The limb pockets work hand in hand with the limb pockets of a broader stance to deliver unmatched strength to the shooter. The weapon has an excellent design finish with well-plated cover skin and none of the drawstrings carelessly intertwining, which may aggravate any experienced archer.


The Enkore Riser cage is designed to increase steady shots and balance to withstand any draws while maximizing the intensity of the shots. The broader the cage’s cross-section, the tauter the overall riser, hence the more negligible the vibration produced by a shot of the Elite Enkore Crossbow.

The crossbow has a notably narrower grip than previous models designed to fit a wide range of hand sizes and fit for all comfort purposes. The Elite clasp is also adjustable with removable wooden side plates for people that would rather a slimmer grip fits. The handle offers torque-free grip, ensuring a comfy, naturally feeling position throughout the entire draw process. It is perfect for all hunting weather, thus providing naturally seamless shots by archers without elasticity or stickiness at the break of a shot.


The Elite Enkoro crossbow is also very efficiently quiet, especially for archers that prefer silent crossbows. It makes a slight slapping sound when the cable stops taps on the string, which quickly dulls off, which is not a big issue. Elite brand bows used with the Enkore crossbow provide an overall suave draw cycle, high speed, and bold shots ever witnessed in archery.


Finally, the Enkore has a notably high speed of up to 270, to the brand’s fastest recorded speed of 340 feet per second. The pace is exemplary for shooting sprees and other hunting games, giving its performance ability high ranks among other crossbows. The speed is at 75 to 85% let-offs and works with skilled execution. The bow is well balanced with a solid back wall which offers reduced hand shock and recoil with plenty of zipping in the upgrade.

Extra on the Elite Enkoro Crossbow

The general peak weight of the crossbow is 40 to 60 pounds, but if an archer is interested in the 65 to 70 pounds, they’d have to pay extra off the Elite website. The brace height of the crossbow is six inches, and the axle to axle length is at thirty-three inches. This crossbow has a draw length of twenty-three to thirty inches and usable from either side, left or right-hand side. The crossbow has a let-off from 70- 90% with its inbuilt Versa performance Mod, but other mod systems are available such as the standard Versa Mod and the 75% Versa Mod for a price of fifty dollars. Additional mods allow shooters to customize the fit and performance according to their bows.

The Elite Enkoro Crossbow ranges from a thousand dollars to a thousand and fifteen hundred, selling like a hot cake for all archery enthusiasts. It is among Elite’s most delicate modifications that have stolen the hearts of all shooters and hunters worldwide. It provides comfort and good grip to the archer, thus giving off good balance for however far the shot goes. It also has a wide limb socket that reduces vibration during the shot, crucial in crossbows. Last but not least, the precise SET upgrade is a significant addition to this particular crossbow, together with its mod system for adjustability. However, the remarkable speed and smooth cycle are by far the most appealing features in the Elite Enkoro Crossbow, which challengers in the market to beat it.