We here at Crossbow Canyon have created this list for the buyer to find the best crossbow for you money. The following list will provide some of the top 10 crossbows of the year. Some of the top 10 listed will include climate control, ready to shoot, easy to assemble crossbows of 2020.


The Barnett Jackal Crossbow delivers acceptable levels of power. This top crossbow delivers 315 fps and the is capable of delivering high projectile speeds.. It comes in a sleek and military-look appearance and features a synthetic string and cable system.


Wicked Ridge M370

The Wicked Ridge crossbow is another tremendously powerful crossbow. WIcked Ridge made the list of the top 10 crossbow 2020 offered. This specialty crossbow delivers speed, power and includes a self-retracting rope system. As a result, the rope system  can reduce the draw weight by 50% therefore making this a great designed crossbow.


Excalibur Matrix

The Excalibur Matrix Crossbow is an even more powerful crossbow. This crossbow delivers next-level performance. A top crossbow  with its high power and speed is one of the best to take hunting in 2020.


CenterPoint Sniper

This compund bow shoots an impresseive 370 fps. The CenterPoint Sniper Crossbow is another crossbow produced with precision in mind. This crossbow is incredibly lightweight which makes it ideal for sporting activities.



The Barnett Assault crossbow features among powerful crossbows.  It has the shortest axle to axle distance. In this design every aspect of crossbows has been considered. As a result, making this an amazing hunting weapon.


TenPoint Turbo M1

In the Ten-Point Turbo M1 Crossbow power, compactness, and precision has been combined. It is also very lightweight, which makes it impressive if you take into consideration its power-related capabilities.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow is yet another masterpiece in the Barnett collection. For instance, this crossbow features longer distance between axles. The thumbhole grip design allows for a firm grip. The firm grip is an important aspect of handling a crossbow. The features gives the hunter more command over the bow.

Barnett Ghost 405

The Barnett Ghost 405 crossbow delivers the most impressive speeds we have seen so far. It is compactly designed and will deliver power, precision and durability. With all the cutting edge features this makes this oe of the best all in one crossbow packages.


Many crossbows on our top 10 are well poised  and the Excalibur is no different. The Excalibur is a sturdy, precise  bow with a great safety mechanism.

Barnett Avenger

The Avenger features a Anti Dry Fire trigger which prevents you from shooting without arrow and above finger guards. Due to the adjustble stock features, this particular Barnett crossbow is perfect for small framed hunter or a beginner.

When selecting crossbows, speed, accuracy, and ideal weight balance are all valuable aspects to consider. However, each user will have a different opinion on a model, so it of great importance to research and try different crossbows before making a purchase.