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What is the Carbon RX-5 Crossbow?

The Carbon Rx-5 Crossbow is an amazing crossbow that is designed with ultimately the kind of high caliber that you can count on every time that you use it.

This crossbow is constructed to deliver the kind of high performance that you desire from a crossbow due to the high craftsmanship of the carbon that is meticulously engineered. As a result, when you hold this crossbow in your hand, you will realize immediately that it is tough and capable. 

The person who is looking for a crossbow should check out the Carbon RX-5 Crossbow. 

This crossbow will allow the person to achieve great hunting results with a high level of smooth precision every time. For someone who is searching for a crossbow that is indeed powerful and yet easy to use, then this crossbow proves to be the right selection.

The crossbow has the right level of tension and balance to allow for a professional shot every time. This crossbow is designed for those who love archery and who actually want to use the crossbow to hunt game.

Best Features of the Carbon RX-5 Crossbow


The HBX cam is designed with an engine that truly puts out a high performance. This enhances the performance of this crossbow in comparison to other crossbows that do not perform at such a high level of precision. The HBX cam delivers the revolutionary smoothness that you crave when you use a crossbow that offers top caliber all the way. Therefore, you can take the perfect shot with this reliable crossbow with ultra confidence.

Limb shox

The limb shox are marvelously designed to accommodate the HBX cam that is added to this amazing crossbow. As a result, you can experience maximized effectiveness whenever you use this finely crafted crossbow to enjoy some casual archery or when you are serious about shooting your favorite wild game.

The riser

The riser of this intriguing crossbow is made via the usage of tubes that are constructed of carbon. It furthermore is noted that the tubes are hollow in an effort to ensure that the device is light in weight and to allow it to offer a higher level of efficiency and smoothness during usage. Thus, you will appreciate the strength of this riser every time that you enjoy using this crossbow, even though the tubes are hollow. This demonstrates the real quality of the construction of this impressively reliable crossbow.


This amazing crossbow offers a speed of three hundred and forty-two feet per second. That means that when speed is an important consideration for which crossbow you desire to use, then this certainly will be the crossbow that demonstrates powerful speed and will live up to your expectations every time. You will not find that this crossbow ever lags in speed and it will produce a superior performance that will surely please you. Thus, you will be able to take down wild game with exceptional prowess, which will make this crossbow one that you want to enjoy using often.


The crossbow is designed to be light in weight, which means that it comes in at just a bit over four pounds. As a result, you will be able to sense that you are the master who is in control of the crossbow at all times. You will be able to sense the ease of usage of this wonderful and powerful device and will be able to balance it well for the kind of precise shot that you desire. If you have had trouble achieving great shots with other crossbows that seemed to be too heavy and cumbersome to use, then you surely need to consider getting the Carbon RX-5 Crossbow that will provide a stunning level of comfort during usage to enhance all your shots.

Rest mounting system

The rest mounting system is noted as being inline machined and has a great dovetail configuration. This will permit for faster tuning and this will also enhance the stability of the device when it is in the resting position. This will provide you with the real assurance that the crossbow will be in the exact position that you need it to be without wobbling.


You can get his crossbow with many different types of finishes. For example, you can opt for buckskin 2.0 or realtree edge. Moreover, you can choose wilderness, black out, elevated II, gore optifade subalpine or even kuiu verde 2.0.


Good balance

Many consumers find that this crossbow offers good balance during shooting. This means that the device will sit evenly and comfortably. This crossbow, as a result, is efficient to use, which is why achieving a precise and clean shot is made possible.

Good design

All the pieces of the crossbow fit well together to make a sensational device that works superiorly well. Consequently, this means that this device will amazingly deliver a high performance every time, which is why it masterfully shoots wild game that you are aiming for. This results in a clean and effortless take-down of the game.

Rest mounting system

The mounting system is noted as being inline machined and has a great dovetail configuration. This will permit for faster tuning and this will also enhance the stability of the device when it is in the resting position.



Some consumers wish that the crossbow was just a bit lighter in weight, such as around three and a half pounds in weight or less. However, most consumers are pleased with the weight of this fine quality crossbow.

Color options

Some consumers think that it would be better if there was a wider variety of color options to select for the finish of this crossbow. But, overall, it is a nice looking crossbow.