Best Bows for Kids

As is true of all sports, the younger kids can start, the better they will be as they grow older. Most, if not all, states have minimum ages for kids to hunt, with longer archery seasons in some states such as Kentucky and others. Introducing your child to archery can help to get him or her hooked on hunting because it is easier to control and has a higher success rate for kids. 

Southwest Archery Ninja Kids

The Southwest Archery Ninja is a great entry level bow for your young archer. This compound bow is a reliable, and affordable with a weight of 3.4 pounds. This is a great bow for kids, beginners or just everyday target shooting.

SA Sports Beast

The SA Sports Vulcan is best suited fr growing youth or intermediate archers. The bow includes a 2 piece quiver with 4 arrow capacity and accomodates a right handed archer.

The bow is a little on the heftier side. However the draw weight on this bow ranges from 15 to 45 pounds and allows the draw length to be adjusted. Vulcan bow is fully customizable you fit your young archer’s needs

Bear Archery Brave Bow

The Bear Archery Brave Bow is recommended for childeren ages eight and older. The Bear bow is a compatibility-compund bow with a draw length range of 13.5-19.5 inches and is intended for right-handed use only. The bow comes in a variety of colors for the young archer to choose.  While this is a good introductory bow, it is not a toy. Parental supervision is always advised.

Daisy 4003

The Daisy 4003 is a training crossbow. This bow is agreat way to introduce young shooters to the sport. With a 29 pound draw weight te bow is not too powerful but still a good crossbow for the youngest of shooters. The Daisy 4003 allows both left and right handed children to partake in the fun.

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compund Bow

The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. is a great compound bow to get kids loving archery. The Crosman Elkorn is ideal for beginners 12 and up. This is a right hand grip bow, with a graw weight of 17-21 pounds, and is supported by heavy duty all weather strings and cables. Whether your child is looking to be like Katniss Everdeen or Merida from Brave, this bow will not disapoint.

Finding the perfect crossbow for your new beginner.  Practice to learn how to aim and accurately shoot a target.

Choosing a good beginner bow will help kids develop a passion for this sport and help discover the best bows for kids.

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