5 Best Crossbow String

5 Best Crossbow Strings

If you hunt or participate in archery with a crossbow, you’re going to need new strings at some point. Check out our list of the 5 best crossbow strings for your bow.

Here is a recap of each type:

Teardrop: since there are steel cables that wrap around the bow, it is best to use a bow string made out of dacron. Since steel doesn’t absorb shock, you can damage your bow if you use the incorrect type of string on the teardrop bows.

Re-curve: pay attention to what the limbs are made of; if they are wooden, you’ll need a dacron bow string; if they have reinforced tips, you should use newer materials such as the D97. Re-curve crossbow strings need to be larger at the tips because the string attaches to the limb of the bow.

Compound: for steel cables, choose a dacron bow string; for synthetic cables, choose the D97 or some other type of dyneema material. The strings on a compound crossbow attach directly to the cam.

Finally, if you’re researching bow strings and want more details on the best ones on the market, keep reading to learn about five bow strings that are consistently given high marks by their customers.

J&D Barnett Crossbow String

Available in four different color combinations, these strings are made for crossbows such as the Blackspur TT, Lady Whitetail Hunter, Raptor FX2 or FX3, Recruit, and the Whitetail Hunter 2. They are pre-stretched and twisted for your convenience, and they have black servings. Their colors include black and red, green and black, orange and black, and pink and black.

The J&D Custom Strings crossbow string is lightweight at around three ounces and is a little more than 32 inches long. They are made to be easy to utilize and easier to fit onto your bow, and they are just the right thickness to do their job well without being too thin or too thick. They are also reasonably priced at around $20, and all of the instructions you need are in the packaging, so you can get started re-stringing your bow as soon as you receive them.

SAS Crossbow String

SAS crossbow string consistently gets approval ratings from its customers and is 26.75 inches long. Priced right at just under $9, it is designed to perfectly fit all 120-150-lb. crossbow.

String designed to lst over 500 shots, therefore, built to last, and customers love how well it fits because it fits taut without being too tight. It maneuvers well and can be counted on to work right for many years to come, making this one purchase you will never regret.

SA Sport Terminator Crossbow String

Available in a black-and-green design, the Terminator crossbow string is a replacement string made to fit Empire Terminator crossbows. At a price of less than $20, you can afford to keep one in your collection of accessories in case you ever need it, and you can use it for both hunting and target shooting. It is also made to last for a very long time, and it comes with a special tool that makes installing it super easy.

When you replace the cables on your crossbow, it is a good idea to go ahead and replace the main string and the cable slide. This way, your strings will work reliably every time you use the crossbow and will never let you down. With this string, you can afford to keep one or two strings on-hand at all times so that you never get caught without a string should the unexpected happen. You should also replace any strings that are getting old or becoming frayed to keep them working properly thereafter.

Jaguar Crossbow String

With a 26.5-inch overall size, the crossbow string made by Jaguar can accommodate up to 175 lbs. of draw weight. It is made to fit a limb of up to 26.75 inches, and the sturdy polyester fiber material means it is made to stick around for many years to come. Priced at under $9, it is also an inexpensive bow you can purchase without breaking the bank. It comes in a set of two, and it is so small and lightweight that you can fit it comfortably inside your pocket, making that next hunting trip much more comfortable.

Lightweight at less than half-an-ounce, the Jaguar crossbow string is made to fit many different crossbows, as long as the length of the original string is the same as this one. It is, however, recommended that you wax the string regularly for more efficiency, as well as to make the string last a lot longer.

DMA Crossbow String

This set of a polyester crossbow string and two tips is still very lightweight, but tough and durable just the same. It is priced at just under $6 but works as well as many other strings that are much higher in price. In fact, at this price you can keep several spare strings on hand in case you need them, and as long as you keep them waxed, the string will work efficiently and last for a very long time.
Customers love the way it fits and the way it works once they go out in the field, as well as the fact that it is a high-quality, easy-to-use product. If you need a well-made replacement string that doesn’t cost a hundred dollars or more, this is the one you want. It is perfect for people on a budget who also need a good sturdy replacement string for their crossbow.