5 Best Crossbow Cases

It isn’t that difficult to choose the right crossbow case, but it is crucial that you find one because without it, your crossbow can be dangerous to you and to others. Just like any other products on the market, crossbow cases come in many different designs, sizes, and even colors, but once you learn what you’re looking for, choosing the right one is a lot simpler.

Crossbow cases come in both hard and soft designs, and there are pros and cons to each. Hard cases generally protect the crossbow better, and let’s face it, they are essentially damage-proof. But, hard cases tend to be less comfortable than soft cases, which is especially important during those all-day hunting trips.

Both hard and soft crossbow cases are made out of high-quality materials, so as long as you stick with a brand you know is reliable, you’ll be able to find a case that suits your needs. Many cases also come with foam padding, which not only protects your crossbow, but keeps it from sliding around inside the case whenever you’re walking through the woods or setting up for the day.

If you’d like a list of some of the most highly rated crossbow cases, keep reading.

Ravin Crossbow Soft Case

Protecting your crossbow is important, and this soft case is made by one of the top manufacturers of crossbow products and accessories. This particular case consistently gets five stars from its customers, and it even has a padded interior so that dirt and grime are much less likely to get inside of the case.

The Ravin soft case even has zippered pockets on both the inside and the outside, making it easier for you to bring a variety of accessories with you the next time you head out to the woods. It has heavy-duty handles and carrying straps to make it easier to transport from one location to another, and it is lightweight but durable, too.

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Quickly Compare Crossbow Cases

Product Ravin Soft Case Allen Company Titan SKB Hunter Series Plano Spire CenterPoint
Durability Double padded w/extra Thick Scope Padding Molded EVA Heavy-Duty 100% POLY 600D Mat Hard Case, Heavy Duty Latches, Foam Padding Heavy-Duty 100% POLY 600D Material, Padded, Water Resistance​
Size R26 & R29 Ravin, CenterPoint and Most Crossbows Fits Most Modern Crossbow Models Fits Most Modern Crossbow Models Fits Most Modern Crossbow Models
Weight 2.78 lbs. 1 lbs. 18.67 lbs. 10 lbs. 1 lbs.

Allen Company Titan Crossbow Case

With molded pocket hubs to protect arrows and moveable pocket dividers on the inside to accommodate different sizes, this crossbow case is more than just a basic accessory. It comes with a field tip and broadhead box, and its 41-inch by 17.5-inch size makes it perfect for crossbows of most sizes.

One of the best qualities of this crossbow case is the number of pockets it contains, allowing you to hold everything from clothing and hats to gear and releases, plus a whole lot more. It not only keeps your crossbow safer, but it also keeps you more organized, making each hunting trip a lot easier on your part.

SKB Hunter Series Crossbow Case with Wheels

If you’re looking for a well-made crossbow hard case, you might want to take a look at this one. The exterior is made out of HDPE plastic, and it comes with heavy-duty hinges, metal twist latches, and even locking hasps for those locks you’re likely going to buy after you purchase the case. The quiet-glide wheels are a real bonus because they make carrying it around a lot easier to do.

There are also molded-in bumpers included in the design of this case, and its shape is perfect for keeping a variety of crossbows safe and secure regardless of where you’re going or how rough you might get with it. This is a heavy-duty case that still manages to be easy to maneuver, so you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy it.

Plano Spire Crossbow Case

In business since 1952, Plano makes only products of the best quality, and this case is no exception. In fact, if you’re looking for something that thoroughly protects your crossbow but won’t hurt your pocketbook, the Plano Spire crossbow case is a case you need to take a look at. At just under $70, you get a case with a dynamic design and which looks good as well.

Although compact, the case provides enough room to hold not just your crossbow, but also items such as quivers, arrows, and a whole lot more. This is a hard case that is still easy to use, and it even comes with heavy-duty latches to make the case as secure as possible, which means your crossbow is guaranteed to remain in one piece as you travel from one set of woods to another.

This is also a crossbow case that consistently gets at least four stars from its customers, so you can rest assured you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

CenterPoint Crossbow Case

This crossbow case is adjustable for the perfect fit and even comes with a detachable padded shoulder sling for comfort and convenience. With heavy #10 zippers guaranteed to last, there is a carrying handle that makes it easier to carry from one location to another, as well as a pocket for accessories and a semi-rigid compartment for items such as arrows.

Because of its size and overall design, the CenterPoint crossbow case will fit most crossbows, and the company adds a little more padding than many other companies do, which makes it easy to take the worry out of traveling with your crossbow. Finally, it is both lightweight at roughly 2 lbs. and reasonably priced at around $56, making it comfortable for everyone and affordable for nearly everybody.

At 4+ stars, the ratings for this case will erase any doubts you may have about purchasing it.