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What Crossbow is Designed for a Flat Nock?

When you use a crossbow to hunt or target shoot, then you already know how important it is to choose the right arrows, which of course means finding arrows with the appropriate nocks on them.

The manufacturer of your particular crossbow will recommend which types of nocks to use. However, if you still have questions or require further details, below is additional information you might consider valuable.

What are Nocks?

Simply put, nocks are located at the end of an arrow opposite the pointed tip, and they are usually made out of either plastic or aluminum. When you’re using a low-power crossbow, it usually doesn’t matter which nock you choose. However, crossbows higher in velocity usually need nocks made out of aluminum.

High velocity crossbows can shatter the plastic nocks. The  amount of pressure unleashed with each trigger pull is powerul. Aluminum nocks can handle that pressure much better.

There are four basic types of nocks, each with a different shape and design, and they include:

Another type of nock is the lighted nock, which has an LED light at the end that lights up as soon as the arrow is fired. They look similar to other nocks until they are fired, and the light helps you track the flight path of the arrow.

Manufacturer Recommendations

As mentioned earlier, most manufacturers of crossbows recommend a certain type of nock for your arrow. This is  because they know which nock will work best with their crossbow. After all, no one knows the ins and outs of a crossbow better than the company that makes them. If the company recommends a certain type of nock then keep that in mind when buying.

When it comes to flat nocks, one advantage is that because the design is so basic. The bolt can sit in many different alignments without the shot being inaccurate.

One disadvantage, however, is the chance of the string slipping off of the end of the nock. This can  result in a dry-fire. This is not likely, though, so choosing flat nocks when they are an option is always a good idea.

One of the biggest concerns when you do not choose the right nock is the increased chance of a dry-firing, which as you know can be dangerous for both the crossbow itself and the hunter. No one likes dry-firing. Making sure you get the nock is one way to decrease the odds of this happening.

Information to Keep in Mind

A few of the many crossbows that recommend flat nocks include Excalibur, Kodabow, Barnett Bear, and many others. If you only have a certain type of nock on-hand check with the manufacturer. Many times you will find  the nocks are interchangeable. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
If you’re wanting to interchange your nocks with another type, keep the following tips in mind:

Flat nocks also offer the advantage of being nearly impossible to load incorrectly.

There are no notches or indentations therefore that makes it difficult to determine  how to use them.  Always keep this in mind. Load the string over it and continue with the rest of the loading and cocking process.