Crossbow nock

Tips on Using a Moon Nock with Your Crossbow

If you hunt with a crossbow, you already know there are different types of nocks you can use to make your next outing more successful.

The moon nock has a slight concave depression. This allows for a more secure way to place the string. 

Why a Moon Nock?

There are several types of nocks to choose from.

Moon nocks are usually situated in a way that allows: loading the vane pointing straight up or straight down.

In most cases, manufacturers recommend that you load your arrow with the vane in the groove of the barrel and point it straight down.

With a moon nock, it is important to remember to fully engage the nock with the string so there is adequate transfer of energy from the bow to the arrow.

This way, not only is the shooter much safer, but there is less of a chance of a dry-fire and, therefore, damage to the bow.


More Tips on using a moon nock with your crossbow.

Another tip on using a moon nock with your crossbow is to make sure that the moon nock is compatible with the type and brand of crossbow you’re using. Contrary to what some crossbow enthusiasts think, not all types of nocks and arrows can be used with all types of crossbows. Many nocks and arrows, in fact, are not simply interchangeable.
Remember, you want a full-string capture every time you fire. One of the most significant ways to achieve this is to make sure your arrow and the crossbow are compatible. Fortunately, the manufacturers of both the crossbow and the arrows usually mention this on their packaging because they don’t want anything to go wrong for you. With using a moon nock, you have to make sure the string lines up with the nock to get this full-string capture. With moon nocks, the nock groove has to always be parallel to the string and the cock feather placed down whenever you’re loading the arrow. This way, you won’t have to worry about the edges of the nock cutting the string, which sometimes happens if you turn the nock 90 degrees in the wrong direction.

Final moon nock tips:

Finally, the best tip when using a moon nock with your crossbow is to always bolt correctly so that your shots are successful, such as with one of the bolt’s vanes pointing straight down, which is simple to do because the barrel should have a groove that accommodates this exact position. Another place to get tips for using your moon nock is by visiting the crossbow manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer of your moon nock should give you more pointers to being successful with this type of nock, but the good news is that once you learn how to use a moon nock, it shouldn’t be difficult to do from then on. Remember to following our tips on using a moon nock with your crossbow.