Crossbow strings from wearing

How to Properly Care for Your Crossbow

Wax the String

The Strings and cables on a crossbow wear easily and fast over time from all the outdoor exposure. It’s best to replace the strings and cables as soon as you notice any signs of breakdown because when they break, it’s no pleasant.

To help prevent the the breaks on the string you will want to apply wax liberally to the entire length of the string and cables, making sure to stop right above the shooting rail. Wax on the shooting rail could clog up the trigger mechanism.

Tighten Up

Always check for loose outs on your bows barrel, quiver attachment, scope mount after every 40 shots or so. Doing so will allow you to see how often tightening is needed for you bow. Tightening your bow’s loose bolts can easily be done with a screwdriver or hex wrench.

Keep it Lubed

You will find that many crossbow will come with a rail lubricant. If your crossbow does not come with the lubricant and you are in a pinch, lib balm will suffice.
Apply the lubricant or lip balm to the middle of your rail and smear it along the entire length of the rail. To reduce friction on the string you will want to reply the lubricant or lip balm after every 15 to 20 shots.

Blow it Out

For all that time outdoors in the woods and indoors at the range, your bow’s rail can become full of dust and debris in all the little hard to reach spots. Grab a can of compressed air to blow all the dirt out of the crevices.

Keep it Oiled

The bolt heads on your bow can become easily damaged

due to garage time and damp weather.

Using gun oil to oil your bowmen this happens can prevent your bow from rusting.

Check the Lens

When it comes to caring for your crossbow lens, you will want to treat it the same way you would your rifle scope. Try not clean your lens with your shirt and always keep fingerprints away. Invest in a small cloth specifically for cleaning crossbow lenses and when storing your crossbow, remember to use your scope cover.

Case It

Invest in a bow case. A crossbow case will protect your gear from dings, nicks, dirt, and bumps that can occur when transporting your bow.