Best Quivers for Hunting

The first step in making the buying decision is considering the type of quiver. With each type of quiver carrying unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. The range of quivers available in the market includes back, bow, ground and hip.

The back quiver being the most popular is notable for the ease of portability it provides. It is usually made of leather and bears a strap that allows you to wear the quiver on your back and to strap the model across the chest. It is optional for archers to wear the quiver on either side; this makes back quivers great for both left and right-handed archers – though most quiver types are designed to be conveniently used by any archer regardless of the archer’s dominant hand. In contrast to the accustomed way of reaching up and backward to pull out the arrow (as seen in most television shows and movies), the contemporary back quivers allow archers to grasp the arrow by making downward motion.

One of the leading quiver manufacturing companies, Tropy Ridge offers a wide a range of archery accessories – Tropy Ridge Lite-5 ticking all boxes of key quiver characteristics required by hunters. This bow mounted quiver has transcendent significance due to the installed LED lights which allow hunters to track and hunt in low light or dusky conditions.

Moreover, it comes with 2 arrow grippers, which means that broad heads can be secured by gripping rather than just being embedded in the hood. Also, the quiver can hold 5 arrows and the mounting bracket is designed to be detachable from the bow.

Although, hunters may object its heavy weight.  Tropy Ridge Lite-1 is a top-notch quiver for hunting.

quiver for crossbowPreeminent for light weight, the hip quiver attaches to archer’s hip or side. The hip quiver models are also designed to hook onto the side of hunters’ pants or cling closer to the body of the archer through leg straps.

The top quivers are enlisted and check all the boxes when it comes to resolving common hunting dilemmas. 

The use of ground quiver for hunting is discouraged as a result of reported criticism by hunters in the face limited mobility offered by it. This quiver works as a durable stand that is placed on the ground and is usually attached to the bow through a hook for mobility. The ground quiver is not optimal for hunting. The characteristics carried by ground quivers typically benefit hunters who shoot in one spot most of the time, like on a backyard range. Furthermore, it is a great option for recurve shooters because the quiver does not mount to the bow.

The Apex Gear Quiver qualifies as the most suitable quivers for hunting primarily after reported reviews from users which are mostly in applause of its sturdiness and durability. The bow quiver is created to hold 5 arrows and is ideal for both left and right-handed shooters.

Furthermore, the hood is created from a material that dampens noise and vibration. The quiver is also quite adjustable compared to the other models that you can find on the market and is fit for any arrow material.

Easton Elite may be placed by any archer on the top of best hip quivers due to its composition of 4 separate compartments to hold arrows in the default configuration; the divisions are removable. The quiver comes with a belt loop and a hook attachment that can be used in place of the removable top pouch. The fleece lined prevents any distortion due to any crackling noises created by arrows. The quiver is not designed for broadheads.

Easton Elite is made to be conveniently used by both right and left handed archers; though it is left or right hand side specific so the purchaser must choose the suitable one.

There are numerous different quivers for every archery-related pursuit and care must be taken by the purchase when identifying an appropriate quiver for hunting. The top quivers enlisted above check all the boxes when it comes to resolving common hunting dilemmas.