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5 Easiest Crossbows to Load

Most users realize that when you’re just getting started with the hobby, working with a crossbow that is easy to load is the key.

Learning to cock and load the bow can be a challenge. In fact, this task can be even more difficult for newbies than learning to shoot at your target, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Many crossbows, in fact, are easier to load than others, so if you want to find one of these crossbows, all you have to do is search for them.

In fact, if you’re looking for top-rated crossbows that are easy to load and are especially good for beginners, check out the crossbows below.

At a capacity of 375 feet per second (FPS), this is not only one of the easiest crossbows to load and operate, but also one of the fastest. It comes complete with a scope, lightweight quiver, two 22-inch arrows, a rope-cocking device, and lube wax for the strings, which the manufacturer suggests using every 10 shots. This crossbow offers specialized technology and a 3-lb. zero creep release, not to mention a nock sensor and components made out of heavy-duty stainless steel for extra longevity. It has a 187-lb. draw weight and kinetic energy (KE) of 118(ft lbs.), so it is an extremely efficient bow.

Quickly Compare Crossbows

Shape & Style FPS Draw Weight Weight Dimensions Included Accessories
Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow 375 165 lbs. 6.6 lbs 34. 875" L x 20. 125" W 4 x 32 Multi-Reticle Scope, Two 22" Arrows, Quiver, Cocking Device, Lube Wax
Barnett Hunter II Crossbow 350 150 lbs. 6 lbs. 34. 25" L x 18. 25" W 4 x 32 mm Multi-Reticle Scope, Two 20" Headhunter Arrows, Quiver, Cocking Device, Lube Wax
Bear X Crossbow 410 190 lbs. 8.9 lbs. 10" Wide Cocked 14" Wide Uncocked 3 X Bear X TrueX Bolts, illuminated scope, 4-arrow quiver, Cocking Device and Lube
Killer Instinct Lethal Crossbow 405 210 lbs. 7 lbs. 14.75" Wide Cocked 18.75" Wide Uncocked 4 x 32 Multi-Reticle Scope, 3- 20" Headhunter Arrows, Quiver, Cocking Device, Lube Wax
Wicked Ridge RDX 400 400 175 lbs. 7 lbs. Compact Design 9" axle to axle Multi-Line Scope, 3-Aluminum Arrows, 3-Arrow Quiver, Self-retracting Cocking Device, Lube Wax

2. Barnett Hunter II Crossbow

This crossbow package comes complete with everything you need to get started shooting right away, including a quiver, two 20-inch arrows, and a premium red dot sight. It has the ability to shoot at 350 feet per second (FPS) and has a draw weight of 150 lbs. Its smooth 3.5-lb. trigger pull guaranteed easy maneuvering, and it comes with high-energy wheels and a synthetic string and cable system. In addition to all of this, the Barnett crossbow is sleek-looking because it is designed by experts, and its military-style stock means it is built to last. Its lightweight compact design makes it easy to carry from one location to another, and its fore-grip is designed to make hand placement comfortable.

3. Bear X Constrictor CDX Crossbow

With a draw weight of 190 lbs., this crossbow has kinetic energy (KE) that measures 99.3 ft.-lb. It can shoot at a speed of 410 FPS and is 18 inches in size ATA (axle to axle). Thanks to its compact design you can maneuver it easily from one action to another, and your hunt will go much faster because of its fast speed and high-quality components. Best of all, the package includes everything you’ll need to get started immediately, including three 20-inch arrows, cocking sled, quiver, three 100-grain field points, and a scope. It is easy to draw and has a great balance, and many users claim its overall efficiency is just as good as crossbows that cost twice as much, which says a lot about it.

4. Killer Instinct Lethal Crossbow

With an impressive 405 FPS speed, the crossbow is balanced at 7 lbs. yet very lightweight and easy to maneuver. The package it comes in includes a scope, a quiver, three bolts, and even string suppressors. The ATA (axle to axle) width on this crossbow is 18.5 inches uncocked and 14.5 inches cocked. It also has a draw weight of 175 lbs., as well as a 3.5-lb. trigger pull. Some of the many things customers love about this crossbow is the fact that it is easy to put together and even easier to use, not to mention its very reasonable price. They love that they can simply take it out of the package and begin to use it almost immediately, which is perhaps its most important attribute.

5. Wicked Ridge RDX 400 with Rope Sled

If you’re looking for one of the safest, lightest, and most easy-to-use crossbows on the market, the Ridge 400 is it. The package comes with everything you’ll need to get hunting right away, which includes a scope, cocking mechanism, three-arrow quiver, and 100-grain practice tips, among others. The integrated cocking mechanism has a self-retracting rope that reduces draw weight by 50% and makes it super easy to load and shoot. Lightweight at just a little more than 6 lbs., the Ridge 400 has an axle-to-axle (ATA) weight of 22.6 inches uncocked and 19 inches cocked. Extremely accurate and easy to load, sight-in, and shoot, this crossbow is great for both hunting and for a little archery fun, and it is built to last a very long time